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Friday, October 11, 2013

Existential Harmony : Proceedings of the Research Committee and Advisory Board on Political Harmony Chair Held on 05.10.2013.

Proceedings of the Research Committee and Advisory Board on Political Harmony Chair  Held on 05.10.2013.

The following members were present :-

1. Dr. S.K.Tamotia, Chairperson

2. Prof. H.K.Swain

3. Prof. (Mrs.) Navaneeta Rath

4. Prof. R.K.Panda

5. Prof. (Mrs.) S.P.Pattnaik

6. Prof. (Mrs.) Sujata Managaraj

7. Prof. R.N.Pattnaik

8. Prof. G.Das

9. Prof. S.N.Mishra

10. Prof. B.B.Mohanty

1.0 At the outset the Committee expressed their condolences with silent prayer of 2 minutes on the

sad demise of Prof. (Mrs.) Bijayini Mohanty on 16th

2.0 The Chairman Dr. Tamotia requested for scheduling the Research Work for progress reporting.


2.1 On the above issue Prof. R.K.Panda expressed his views to have the same time frame as per

the UGC guidelines. It was decided after brain storming discussion that during the First Quarter

i.e. from July to Sept, the conceptualization of project work, research design, Presentation of

instruments, literature review, pilot study of the project and library work should be completed.

There should be testing and pre-testing of the project through pilot survey. During first

three months the survey will include course study along with pilot study as suggested by

Prof. S.N.Misra. It was unanimously accepted by all the members.

2.2 The Second Quarter from 3rd Months to 6th Month there will be field study, data collection,

road mapping of the project and maintenance of field work diary.

2.3 Third term from 6th Month to 9th Month there will be data, tabulation, data compilation and

data analysis, interpretation and preparation of draft chapters.

2.4 Fourth term from 9th Month to 12th Month, there will be of writing of draft report,

presentation and Final report submission.

3.0 All the researchers were requested to submit their typed progress report by 20th Oct’2013 for

submission to the University. The progress report should follow a uniform pattern covering the


(a) Proposed Synopsis

(b) Schedule

(c) Progress with reference to schedule.

(d) Problem faces with remedial measures if any.

There can be presented in the next meeting to be held on 9th Nov’2013 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

4.0 There was lot of discussions on empanelment of Research Guides and the identifications of

subjects / research areas for research work under Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhubaneswar

Kendra. It was accepted that the broad areas of Research work will be done under Humanities,

Social Sciences, Management & Law, which will include the following:-

(a) Commerce

(b) Economics

(c) Sociology

(d) Psychology

(e) Anthropology

(f) Political Science

(g) Public Administration

(h) Law

(i) History

(j) Philosophy

(k) Human Rights

(l) Education

(m) Management

5.0 Chairman requested all the members to submit their consent in prescribed proforma for

extending their co-operation to guide the young generation which in turn may help to develop

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhubaneswar as a Model Research Centre. He also assured the

members to extend all library and other facilities to the interested scholars. He also requested

the members to empanel the young guides.

6.0 The next meeting of the Research Committee and Advisory Board along with researchers will

be held on 9th

through Power Point Presentation.

7.0 Vote of thanks was offered by Prof. H.K.Swain for the co-operation of the members they have

extended for making the meeting a success.

 Nov’2013 at 4:00 PM to review the progress of research work of the First Quarter