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Thursday, December 26, 2013




The research committee and the advisory board met today i.e. on 21.12.2013 at 11:00 AM under

the Chairmanship of Dr. S.K.Tamotia .

The following members were present along with co-opted members.

1. Dr. S.K.Tamotia, Chairperson

2. Prof. H.K.Swain

3. Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Managaraj

4. Prof. (Dr) Navaneeta Rath

5. Prof.(Dr. ) G.P.Dash

6. Prof. (Dr.) A.K.Panigrahi

7. Prof. T.N.Shukla

8. Prof. Anupam Chatterjee

9. Prof. Pragyan Parimita Sarangi

10. Prof. Subrat Swain

11. Prof. R.N.Patnaik

1.0 At the outset the Chairman welcomed the members to the meeting and expressed the

purpose and objectives of the meeting also highlighted that the “synopsis of Project” to

cover the following:-

(i) Introduction.

(ii) Aims

(iii) Objectives

(iv) Hypothesis

(v) Review of literature

(vi) Relevance of project at National & International level.

(vii) Scheme of the chapterization.

(viii) Reference and bibliography.

2.0 Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Managaraj presented her research project on “Integrating Human Values

and Ethics in B-School Curriculum for promoting Social & Political Harmony”.

3.0 The hypotheses, objectives, scope of the study were clearly spelt out as brought out

herein after during her presentation. How it is contributing the political harmony was also

explained through power point presentation. Some modifications were suggested by the

Chairman with floor discussion / interaction of all the members of the committee.

4.1 Aims & Objectives

She presented the major objectives of her study are:

ß To study the prevailing trends prevailing in management education in India and find

out the existence of values and ethical dimensions in curriculum

ß To find out implications of prevailing management Education system on social and

political harmony.

ß To study emerging issues of management education and its approach towards the

development of values- based curriculum for holistic development of people and

society for promoting existential harmony.

ß To find out the role of ethics and values towards improvement of management

education in India.

ß To establish the correlation between human values and political& social harmony.

ß To suggest measures for integration of human values in B-School curriculum for

promoting social and political harmony

4.2 Research Methodology:

She presented the research Methodology to be followed during her studies and tools of

measurement and analysis of data.

The proposed study will cover top 100 B-schools in India as per the ranking of AIMA-IMRB,

CSR-GHRDC and Business Standard surveys. Five hundred sample will be selected on the

basis of above ranks of which we will make it cluster on the basis of some logical criteria.

Then a structured questionnaire will be prepared and administered among the clustered

member B-schools. Again under each member B-school we will again make it strata on the

basis of faculty, students, management, recruiters and local community. For this, random

sampling will be followed to select the respondents. Opinions of 500 around respondents

will be collected from the above group members for the purpose of this study. Various

statistical tools like ANNOVA, MANOVA, AMOS (SEM Model), logitregression analysis, etc.

will be used to analyse the data. On the basis of which findings and suggestions of the study

will be made.

4.3 Hypothesis.

Dr. Managaraj has taken up this project with holistic approach to the entire society through

mutual respect understanding, caring, sharing and compassion, social responsibility,

solidarity, acceptance and tolerance among individuals and groups (Ethnic, Social, Cultural,

Religious, National & Regional) are internalized and practiced together to solve the

problems and to work towards a free peaceful democratic society.

4.4 Review of Literature.

Dr. Sujata Mangaraj explained literature reviewed by her. Prof. G.Das offered his valuable

observations on literature survey on business ethics and suggested for inclusion of latest

books / contributions of worldwide eminent professors of different reputed Universities.

Prof. Das also offered to provide some inputs to enrich the research work from the

dimensions of developments of a business ethics under latest literature review.

4.5 Relevance of Project.

She presented her views how Harmony is essential for Existence.

When one feels happy and people getting along together. It is when people are nice one

another. Harmony is a flow of life, mutual trust and understanding, sense of belonging/

cultural worth, co-operation/collaboration, effective communication, concern for common

good, sense of reconciliation, and desire for consensus.

4.6 Integration of Political Harmony & Existential Harmony.

She also expressed her views how Political Harmony and Existential Harmony can be

integrated during the study on following guidelines:

Political harmony is about maintaining a level of equilibrium among different groups in the

society. It results in making citizens aware of roles and responsibilities to:

ß respect human rights and democratic institutions, and promote them wherever


ß recognize government’s legitimate obligation to the society at large and support

public policies and practices that promote human development through

harmonious relations between business and other segments of society;

ß collaborate with those forces in the community, dedicated to raising standards of

health, education, workplace safety and economic well-being;

ß promote and stimulate sustainable development and play a leading role in

preserving and enhancing the physical environment and conserving the earth’s


ß support peace, security, diversity and social integration;

ß respect the integrity of local cultures; and

ß be a good corporate citizen through charitable donations, educational and cultural

contributions, and employee participation in community and civic affairs

4.7 Scheme of Chapterisation

Proper scheme of chapters have been prepared and put forth before the committee. This

may be changed during finalization of report.

6.0 All the members contributed their suggestions and appreciated the presentations (copy of

presentation is enclosed). The vote of thanks was offered by Prof. H.K.Swain.

7.0 The meeting concluded with the extension of greetings by Chairman to all the members on

the occasion of Merry Charismas and Happy New Years day.

(Dr. S.K.Tamotia)

Honorary Professor

Political Harmony Chair