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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Board of Advisers : Existential Harmony - Research Projects And World Conference : 2015

Existential Harmony - Research Projects And World Conference : 2015
   Board of Advisors 
Charles Mercieca (USA)
Director, Institute for International Relations and  Intercultural Studies  (Alabama A&M University, Huntsville, Alabama, USA), Founder –International  Association of Educators for World       Peace, NGO, United Nations (ECOSOC), UNICEF, & UNESCO, Huntsville,  Alabama USA (
Dr Leo Semashko (Russia)
Founder and President, Global Harmony Association, International Website "A New Culture of  Peace from Social Harmony and Children’s Priority"  - Founder and Director, Tetrasociology  Public Institute, Russia, Former Deputy,  St.   Petersburg Parliament, Commissions Member: Economic Reform; Family and Childhood, Advisory Board Chairman, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP-UN-USA)
Dr. Lajpat R. Utreja (USA)
Director, Institute of Global harmony, Former GHA Vice-President, USA, Former NASA, USA Scientist, General Director, National Harmony/ Peace Academy (NHPA), USA, Former President/CEO for business related to US space and defense technologies. Founder, Institute of Spiritual Healing (                               
Daniel E. Moody (USA)
Global Peace Partners : CEO and President (To Secure a Safer Saner World through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the Art of Diplomacy and the Heart of Compassion. The Moody Group, LLC : CEO and President Board Member: Global Native Economic Development Project (GNEDP)  Ambassador At Large : The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union In Addition Dan Moody launched several very successful Prison Ministries some of which continue to this day. His work with the Street Gangs of Manitoba Canada have had impact spanning almost 20 years  
Dr. Nina Meyerhof (USA)
Innovative educator committed to global responsibility through authentic        learning Recipient of The Mother Theresa Award, the Citizen's Department of Peace Award to the International Educators Award for Peace. Founder President- Children of the Earth (
Dr. Rodica Pop (Romania)
President of a Foundation called Children for Children –Children for Peace Foundation Yes Romania -Country Leader since 2002, Member of  international Committee of Museums, Secretary  General of Romanian Patronage for Rural Ecological and Cultural Tourism, Member of the Association for Development and Promotion Tourism, Maramure,  Member ANTREC, Maramures
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia (Iran)
Fellowship from Islamic Azad University Gonabad branch, she started to work there as a full time faculty member. Collaborator with Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran branch (Valiasr Institution) and collaborated with Research institute of strategic studies simultaneously. www.societalsecurity .com/?lan=en& page=aboutus
Dr. Heli Habyarimana (Rwanda)
Sociolinguist, Assistant Lecturer and Director/Office of the Rector at the Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo,  Rwanda. Peace Activist working with Shalom Educating for Peace (SEP)-Rwanda and South Africa.GHA Vice-President,,
Dr. Bishnu Pathak (Nepal)
Executive Director: Peace and Conflict Studies Center (PCS Center), Kathmandu, Nepal Researcher: National Human Rights Commission, Secretary: Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies Board Member: TRANSCEND Peace University, Basel, Switzerland Convener: South Asia Regional Chapter, TRANSCEND International Peace and Development Network, Basel, Switzerland
María Cristina Azcona (Argentina)
Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher. Her articles, reviews, poems and short stories are continuously published in many newspapers, magazines and anthologies around Argentina, UK,             India, US and other countries. Psychotherapist specialized in Forensic  sycho diagnosis, listed by the American Biographical Institute (ABI).
 Dr. Neil Hawkes (UK)
Head teacher, chief education adviser  and Local Education Authority (LEA) Worked with a group of international educators at UNICEF in  New York, USA with Living Values programme   ( Inspirational speaker and contributor to the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and many periodicals. Director of the charity ALIVE (Association of Living Values Education International) based in Switzerland.
Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Nigeria)
Poet, Writer, Lawyer, GHA Ambassador of Harmony for Africa Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation. Accra, Ghana and Nigeria. RECOGNITIONS Ambassador for Universal Peace (Award) A member of World Peace Society of Australia
Dr. Daphné Romy-Masliah (Switzerland)
Taught in France, Canada, and Switzerland and since 2003 in Algeria, as an Invited Professor at the University of Sidi Bel Abbès Currently an English             Teacher at the Ecole de Culture Générale Jean Piaget in Geneva. Member of the French NRS Affiliated Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches- focus on the relation between International English,   plurilingualism and multiculturalism.
Prof.Regla Balbina Diago Pinillos (Trinidad. W.I.)
Teacher of Spanish as a ‘Mother Tongue’ and as a ‘Foreign Language’, for        twenty three years at the Higher Institute of Arts, (ISA) in Havana, Cuba, among others. Also, responsible for the creation of the African Cultures          Department “Argeliers Leon” in the same Institution, now her Making a significant contribution to the DCFA, CLL, CENLAC and the Department of Liberal Arts of the University of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, W.I., and the Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad and Tobago. W. I.
Dr. François Victor Tochon (Madison,WI)
Professor of Curriculum & Instruction and World Language Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a Professor at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, teaching research methods and training French teachers. His background is in French semiotics, Linguistics and Psychology,           as well as Applied Linguistics and Educational Sciences with a focus on Measurement & Evaluation (Geneva).
Marja de Vries (Netherlands)
Dedicated to contribute to a worldwide transformation and the creation of a world in which everything and everyone can live in harmony. Writer of The Whole Elephant Revealed , published in Dutch in 2007 Activist in Nature- and Environmental Education, and peace- and feminist-movement
Rene Wadlow ( USA)
Editor of the online journal of world politics www.transnational-perspectives .org, Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, of the Association of World Citizens, Formerly, Professor and Director of Research of the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, University of Geneva Founding Secretary of the European Association of Development             Research and Training Institutes.
Lana Yang (china) USA
Main Representative to the UN for IAEWP ( Ambassador of  Peace. She studied Chinese Literature and Fine Art in Taiwan before moving to the United States to continue her undergraduate and graduate education. She has a B.S. in biology and a M.S. in physiology and pharmacology from        the School of Medicine, University of California in San Diego. She has trained with two Nobel Laureates in medicine, as well as several pioneer  scientists  in  cell  and  molecular  biology. Lana has completed the studies in  Business Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and  follows the world economics closely. Lana lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She is a United Nations representative for IAEWP, the International Association of Educators for World Peace.
Dr. Glen T. Martin, (USA)
President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA),        President of the Institute on World Problems (IOWP),and President of  International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO). Dr. Martin is the author of         numerous books such as: Earth Federation Movement (2011)  Constitution  for  the Federation of  Earth  (2010)  Triumph of  Civilization (2010) Ascent to Freedom (2008)  World  Revolution through  World  Law (2006) and many other books and articles. Dr. Martin worked for many years as Secretary General of WCPA, and he is the recipient of 12 World Peace Awards or Honorary Nominations.
Prof. Leonidas C. BARGELIOTES (Greece)
Emeritus Professorat the University of Athens and the President of Olympic Center for Philosophy and Culture;studied theology and philosophy at the University of Athens and the Universities of Norma and Emory (USA); a very experienced organizer of scientific activities, published numerous works on the Classical tradition.Cf. the International symposium and the Bilingual        seminar; he is also the General Secretary of the International Society for Universal  Dialogue (ISUD)

Paul Bueno de Mesquita, PhD, (USA)
The  Silvia-Chandley  Professor  of  Nonviolence  &  Peace Studies,  Professor  of  Psychology, Director, Center  for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, University  of  Rhode Island  Ph.D. 1987, University  of  Texas at Austin.  His  teaching  and  research interests are in the  areas  of nonviolence,   violence  prevention,      consultation,  cultural  diversity,  stress reduction & meditation, school based mental health interventions,  inquiry-based science  and  problem-based  learning.  Several                                 

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh  Zahedi ( Iran)    
Assistant Professor : Imam Khomeini International University- Ghazvin 2005-Director of Islamic Culture  and Thought- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Channel Four-2005-2007.  Director General of Social Researches- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Research  Institute-2002-2005.  Director of Programming and Planning I.R.I.B Research Institute- 2001- 2002,-Vice-Director of Cultural and Social research institute- Ministry of Science and Technology- March 2007- November 2007, member of Societies Ethics (European Society for Ethics), Member of philosophy department in Farabi International Festival on Humanities, Ministry of Science, research and Technology,Iran-2007            
Zulfiqar Shah (Pakistan/Nepal)
He is an activist, analyst, and researcher from Sindh province of Pakistan based at Kathmandu, Nepal. He is formally education in Philosophy and Development Studies. He is a Secretary, Board of         Directors, and The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan. He was associated with various rights and development organizations since 2002, which includes The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan; South Asia Partnership, Pakistan; Pakistan Fisher folk Forum; PEP Foundation, USA; and University of Karachi, Pakistan. Previously, he was a working journalist and was associated with Sindhi and English papers from Pakistan.
Professor Helen Nicholson (UK)
Department of Drama and Theatre-Royal Holloway University of           London & she specialises in contemporary theatre and applied drama.  Helen is the author of several books, including Applied Drama: the Gift of Theatre (2005), and Theatre & Education (2009). She works as a practitioner in various contexts, and her practice-based research is informing a full-length study, Theatre, Education and Performance: The Map and The Story, funded by the AHRC. She is co-editor of the Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, published by Rout ledge.
Prof. Dr. Ferit Uslu (Turkey)
Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Director of International Organization Center of Academic Research (OCERINT), Deputy Dean of Divinity Faculty, Hitit University,  Co-Editor Hitit University Faculty of Divinity Journal, Chair Philosophy of Religion Department in Divinity Faculty, Hitit University, Corum, Turkey.

Professor Joseph S. Rendulich
Founder/Chairman/Worldwide President of the WACC (World Association for Cosmopolitan Civilization)

Prof. Rajeev Sangal (Banaras)
Director IIT (BHU)- Banaras, Former Director IIIT Hyderabad, Founding President of Language Technologies Research Centre, at IIIT, Hyderabad, India Member, Editorial Board, Computational Linguistics journal, ACL Member, Editorial Board, Corpora journal, Member,  Editorial Board, Computer Society Head, IIT Kanpur Centre for NLP at Hyderabad Member, National Review Committee for PG programmes in Engg., India,  Member, Scientific  Council, CEFIPRA, Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research
Dr. Ravindra Kumar (Meerut)
Former Vice-Chancellor of CCS University [Meerut]Editor-in-Chief of ‘Peace-Review’-the International Journal of Peace Studies Started ‘Global-Peace’- International Journal of Philosophy, Peace, Education, Culture and Civilization Organized seminars and symposiums at national and international level.

Prof. Ganesh Bagria (Kanpur)
Professor, Dept of Electrical Engg, HBTI, Took to Vipassana as a rigorous process of self-exploration along with participating in social movements of the time. Went to work with the farmers in western UP Tried to institute social reform. Propagator of  Madhyastha Darshan, conducting workshops known as Jeevan Vidya Shivir.
Prof. Sultan Ahmed Ismail (Chennai)
Director, Eco-science Research Foundation, Chennai Former Director (Research) MGR Janaki College,Chennai, Former Dy. Director,  Shri          AMM  Murugappa  Chettiar  Research  Centre, Chennai, Former Director, Institute of Research in Soil Biology and Biotechnology, Chennai, Published 58 papers in  National and InternationalJournals &  Proceedings Supervised 31 students for M.Phil,and 13 students for Ph.D , Presently guiding five students for Ph.D.
Dr. Syed Salman Chisty,(Ajmer)

Chisty Foundation Ajmer Gaddi Nashin Dargah Ajmer Sharif, Khadim e Khawaja Gharib Nwaz (RA), Director Chishty Foundation, famous Sufi Scholar. Chishty Manzil, Jhalra Street, Dargah Sharif, Ajmer 305001, Rajasthan, India
Maharaj Krishen Kaw (New Delhi)
IAS in 1964 Member Secretary of the 5th Central Pay Commission        Secretary (Civil Aviation) Principal Advisor (Education) Planning Commission Secretary (HRD) in the Govt. of India. Since 2001 working as Dean of the Sri Sathya Sai International Centre for Human Values President of the Kashmir Education, Culture and Science Society From 2003 to 2009, he was the President of the All India Kashmiri Samaj President of Poetry Society, India
Dr Yugandhar GR MS (Hyderabad)
Spiritual Teacher and a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine. Experiments & Experiences in various segments of Spirituality and Metaphysics which             include Astral Travel, ESP, Past Lives etc Educate and transform the    mindsets as a part of Raising the Consciousness. Awakening the Hara (Belly) Consciousness. Pioneer in bridging the mainstream medicine with Inner Transformation, Intuition and energy Medicine and thus formed TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDICINE
Prof. Sudarshan  Iyengar,  (Ahmedabad)
Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Former Director, Centre for Social Studies, Surat and Former Director,  Gujarat         Institute of Development Research. He has been a member of the Environmental Economics Research Committee (EERC) of the World Bank supported national project on capacity building in environmental economics. He has also chaired a sub‐committee on Monitoring and Evaluation of  Watershed Development Programme of Govt. of Gujarat.
Prof. K. Nageshwar (Hyderabad)
Member of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council, Professor in the Department of Journalism, Osmania University.Worked at Indian Express and the Times of India groups, published articles in the leading newspapers viz. The Hindu, The Pioneer, The Economic Times and Front line etc. Commented on various channels like NDTV, STARTV, ZEENEWS, AAJ TAK etc.
Pawan Gupta (Mussoorie)
Founder of SIDH(  Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas) focusing on education developing “thinking teachers”, starting an open ended residential school/ college called “Sanjeevani” and “Gap Year             College” for young people. Chattisgargh govt. recognized this effort and distributed these books in all their schools. Have initiated and guided many research  projects which culminated into research studies: “A Matter of Quality”; “Child and the Family”; “Text and Context”.
Pooran Chandra Pandey (New Delhi)
Head-Global Compact Network, India as its Executive Director. currently heads Global Compact Network India as its Executive Director. He holds an M.A in Philosophy from the University of Allahabad, Allahabad, an M. Phil in International Studies from  Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and a diploma in Public Diplomacy from Swedish Institute, Stockholm, besides having obtained advanced training and global mid-career management programs from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, Asian Productivity organization, Tokyo, Japan and Fiji Productivity Board, Fiji. He is also a British Chevening Scholar at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.
Brigadier (Retired) Kartar Singh, (Haridwar)
 Pro-Vice Chancellor, Patanjali University, Haridwar  Qualifications:  M.Sc (Strategic Studies), Master in Management Studies, PGDPM, L.L.B., PG in Defence Planning & Operations, PG in Defence Management, Fellowship in Emotional Intelligence. Former Brigadier in charge- Administration of a Corps H.Q at Indian Armed Forces, Overall 35 years in Army  at  various  administrative  levels.  Teaching:  15Years  in  the  Army and  ICFAI University,  ICFAI University in Management Faculty

Prof. Jai Narain Sharma, Senior Professor of Gandhian Studies served as Chairman Department of Gandhian Studies and Director, Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Having an experience of over 30 years, Prof. Sharma has received accolades for his outstanding contribution in teaching and research. Prof. Sharma has a distinction of guiding more than 25 research scholars for Ph.D. Prof. Sharma has distinction of serving as a member of the several academic bodies with a focus on developing curriculum for Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Development. He was awarded the prestigious Acharya Mahaprajna Sahitya Award, 2010.Prof. Sharma scholarly publications based on his academic research discipline of Political Science and Gandhian Philosophy are immense. He has authored 18 books and published more than 100 research papers in various journals and books

Dr. Rajendra Khimani (Ahmadabad)
Registrar,Gujarat Vidyapith,  

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