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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meeting of the advisory committee of Social Harmony Chair, a part of Existential Harmony Project of IASE Deemed University, Sardarshahar

A meeting of the advisory committee of  
Social Harmony Chair,
a part of
Existential Harmony Project
IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar, Rajasthan
was organized at
Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad-14, 
on 30th July, 2013.  

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss eight projects proposed by Social Harmony Chair. The meeting was attended by following persons:
1. Prof. Sudarshan Aayangar, Hon. V. C., Gujarat Vidyapith. - In Chair
2. Prof. Madan Verma, Religious Harmony Chair, Special Invitee.
3. Prof. K. K. Sharma. Philosophical Harmony Chair, Special invitee.
4. Dr. S.K. Tamotia, Political Harmony Chair, Special Invitee.
5. Prof. Surendra Pathak, Co-ordinator, Existential harmony project.
6. Prof. Jayprakash Pandya, HoD, Education Dept, Gujarat Vidyapith. Member, Advisory Committee.
7. Prof. Pushpaben Motiyani, HoD, Peace research & Gandhi Darshan, Member, Advisory Committee
8. Dr.andaben Parikh, Trustee, Gujarat Vidyapith, Special Invitee.
9. Prof.C.N., Dean, CEPT University. Ahd., Member,  Advisory Committee.
10. Prof. Mehboob Desai, HoD, History, Gujarat Vidyapith, member Adv. com
11. Dr.Prem Anand Mishra, Peace research Centre, Gujarat Vidyapith. member, adv.Com
12. Dr.Jayshree Shah, Faculty, Gujarat Vidyapith
12. Dr.Punita Harane,, Faculty, Gujarat Vidyapith.
13. Dr.Vikramsingh Amaravat, Faculty, Gujarat Vidyapith.
14. Prof. Bharat Joshi, Faculty, Gujarat Vidyapith
15. Dr. Dhwanil Parekh, Faculty, Gujarat Vidyapith
16. Dr. Chandrakant Upadhyay, Director, TRTI, Gujarat Vidyapith, Member, Advisory Committee
17. Prof Edwin Masihi, Retd. Prof of Sociology, Gujarat University
18. Ms. Paulin Paramar, Adm. asst, Gujarat Vidyapith
19. Prof. Vidyut Joshi, Social Harmony Chair.

Prof. Kanubhai Nayak, Principal, MDSSM, Gujarat Vidyapith and Prof. Rajaram, Dean, Central Gujarat University, both members of the advisory committee could not remain present as they had other pressing engagements.

Following two projects, already sanctioned, were presented by scholars:
1. Dr. Prem anand Mishra: Social Harmony, Gandhian Thought and Humanism.
2. Prof. Mehboob Desai: Hindu-Muslim Harmony in Gujarat.

The projects discussed, suggestions were made and the concerned scholars assured of incorporating the suggestions.

After this event, six project proposals were presented as follows:
1. Prof. Edwin Masihi: Harmonious Industrial Relations: Ahmadabad Experiment.
2. Dr. Jayshree Shah: Jains in Harmony with other Communities.
3. Dr. Punita Harane: Gender and Harmony: A Case of Women's Portray in Media.
4. Dr. Vikramsingh Amaravat: Linguistic Imperialism and Issue of Harmonising, A Historical Case study
5. Dr.Dhwanil Parekh:Social and Communal Harmony in poetry of Bashir Badr, Nida Fazali and Munavvar Rana.
6. Prof. Bharat Joshi: Prospective Teachers' Sensitivity Towards Responsibility for Social Harmony through Community Education.
After each presentation, a critical discussion followed. Prof. MM Verma, Prof. KK Sharma, Dr. SK Tamotia, Prof. Surendra Pathak, Prof. Jayprakash Pandya, Prof. Motiayani, Prof. Ray and Prof, Sudarshan Aayangar gave valuable comments. The scholars interacted with them in a meaningful way. With some what changes, all the six proposals were approved and recommended for work under Social Harmony Chair.
After the presentations, various members expressed their views on social harmony as well as issues of existential harmony in general. Prof. Sudarshan Aayangar gave his concluding remarks. 

The advisory committee meeting ended with a vote of thanks to all concerned. Prof. Vidyut Joshi specifically thanked authorities of Gujarat Vidyapith for the facilitating environment for research. He also thanked Mini Shri Gyan Sagarji Maharaj, who took initiative in providing financial help through Dr. Sanjeev Saraf. 

Last but not least, thanks were also extended to IASE University for making Existential Harmony project possible.

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